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1. Item: Optical Fiber Audio Cfable
2. Color: Gold
Core Material: Optical fiber 
4. Jacket Material: PVC
5. Length: Approx.2m/78.7"
6. Interface type: Toslink Male to Male


1. High density braid shield wire is soft, not easily oxidized.
2. Super wear-resistant gold-plated connectors, sound shocking, and perfect fidelity.
3. Green PVC outer layer, perfect lossless signal, plug and play, convenient and quick, perfect transmission.
4. Applied to the audio signal output communication device audio playback on the VCR, amplifier, digital TVs, set-top boxes to the speaker.
5. Cable is soft, bending resistance.
Suitable for:
Between audio connections DVD, CD player and amplifier.
Audio connection between the computer and the power amplifier
Between PS II connection PSIII, HDVD and amplifier
V set-top boxes and digital audio amplifier connected to the sound
Package Included:

1 * 2M Toslink Male to Male Digital Optical Fiber Optic Audio Cable 

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