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Supply voltage: the default double AC 18v/ current 3A, power 60W above (maximum voltage can not exceed double AC 19V), also can not be less than 18V, otherwise, the electronic tube point is not bright, the sound distortion. If you need to use AC 12V, you need to modify the filament down voltage resistance to 2.2 ohm, then the power output of the amplifier will be slightly lower
Amp / front output: magnification of about 0.8 times (AMP function can be used, can promote the high sensitivity of the headset, thrust, amp output can also be connected to the output of the current level of functionality, promote other electronic tube power amplifier, has a taste.)
Lm1875t power output: typical 20W (maximum 30W)
Speaker impedance: 4 -8
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.04%
Signal to noise ratio: 105dB
Frequency response: 14Hz-100kHz (by RC high pass circuit is considered as the maximum range 3.29Hz-482.29kHz)

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1 x Digital Amplifier Board

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