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Product parameters:
Supply voltage: DC12-24V or AC8-16V
Output power: 50W*2
Output load: 4-8 ohm
Frequency range: 14-100KHZ
Signal to noise ratio: 100db
Number of channels: Two-channel stereo
Switching frequency: 1.2MHz
Wireless transmission: Transmission distance ≥ 10 meters, using the latest Bluetooth 4.2 protocol
AC DC universal
Bluetooth wireless connection
USB audio decoding: Support WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC lossless music file format
External audio input (mobile phone, computer, MP3, DVD, etc.)
FM multi-band radio station
Play mode automatically switches
Voice prompts
Multi-state indicator
1. The mobile computer is connected at will, enjoying the experience brought by the sound quality.
2. Home theater sound field control, with stereo adjustment, can produce a shocking sound field, bringing you immersive.
3. Car player, DIY audio, to meet a variety of public occasions and home audition experience.
1. It is recommended to use a sufficient power supply, the current must be large enough, otherwise the power of the amplifier and the speaker cannot be played, and the playback is easy to jam.
2. Please control the appropriate volume of the small power speaker, with the appropriate speaker and cabinet, the sound effect will be better.
3. If the digital power amplifier has a fever phenomenon, just increase the heat dissipation.
4. The super power of the chip will cause the sound to be stuck, which is the protection function of the circuit, which is normal! Just need to lower the volume appropriately. If the power supply is not enough, a jamming phenomenon can also occur.
Package includes:
1 x Digital Power Amplifier Board
1 x Antenna

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