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CS8635 bluetooth module
Main filter capacitor: RUBYCON capacitor
NE5532 OP
Chip TPA3116D2
Input: Bluetooth 4.0 RCA analog 3.5analog
Output: 2.1 Channel (left channel+right channel+super bass channel)
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
Super bass: up to 180Hz
Impedance: 4-8Ohm
Maximum output power: left and right channel 50W 4Ohm/25W 8Ohm, super bass 4Ohm 100W/8Ohm 50W
Dynamic range: 98db
Power consumption: 0-100W
Size: 132 x 108 x 32mm / Length x depth x height
Weight: 500g
Color: Black
Package Included:

1 x FX-Audio XL-2.1BL Digital Amplifier
1 x 24V4A Power Supply
1 x 2dB Bluetooth Antenna

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