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1. Compatible With: For Windows2000/ WIN7/ WIN8/ WIN10/ For MAC Operating System
2. Distortion: THD + N: 0.006% (RL> 10 kΩ)
3. Distortion: THD + N: 0.025% (RL = 32 Ω)
4. SNR: 99 dB
5. Dynamic range: 99 dB
6. Supported Sample Rate: 16Bit 32k, 44.1k, 48k
7. Size: 100*66*27mm
8. Net Weight: 300g


1. Compact, easy to carry
2. Full-featured, with analog output, coaxial / optical digital output, headphone output, you can output to headphones, directly as a USB sound card, can also be output to the amplifier, computer integrated sound card as an upgrade product, you can connect a decoder, the sound quality sent back to the best level
3. Using a fever industry acclaimed USB chip PCM2704.
4. Coaxial and fiber-optic high-speed data signal by shaping IC, the output signal is more stable and pure.
5. The digital output signal through isolation trans-formers fever DV709 digital filter, another sound more pure.
6. All components are audiophile grade components production, resistance to the Japanese KOA colored ring precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors are audio-specific fever ELNA capacitor capacitance Promise MKT series, analog outputs and gold-plated coaxial output port, optical head using models with automatic door protection, easier to use.
7. Safe and reliable USB B type port, to send high-quality USB cable, without power, plug and play.
8. Brushed aluminum housing with laser production process, feel good, the surface of the expensive laser engraving fonts, never fade.

Package Included:

1 * DAC Decoder
1 * USB Cable

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